Elevate your palate

Designed for the modern cannabis consumer, a cannabis journal to elevate your palate.

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Our tasting journals are packed with 50 fillable two-page entries. It takes less than a minute, and it’s easy!

Each entry has 19 different categories to be as precise as you like:

Product Name, Date & Time, From, Quality, Price, Cannabinoids, Product Type, Method of Consumption, Scent Wheel, Taste Wheel, Visual Description, Psychoactive Effects, Medicinal Effects, Negative Effects, Notes and Rating.

Our journals are made by hand in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

By closely monitoring your body’s reactions, written observation, when compared and contrasted with similar entries, can provide insight to help you refine your cannabis preferences.


5″ x 3¼” size

Individually numbered pages

Title page and Welcome Message

Table of Contents (Greatest Hits)

Example (Kush) pre-filled entry

50 Fillable Entries

Eight Perforated Bookmark Strips

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Octavian Labs’ unique flavour wheels were designed specifically with cannabis terpenes in mind.

Each flavour corresponds with a common cannabis terpene: Limonene (Citrus), Humulene (Earthy),α-Pinene, (Pine, Sweet), Linalool (Floral), β-Caryophyllene, (Spice) and Myrcene (Herbal, Pepper).

The Cannabis Tasting Journal can be purchased at select New Brunswick retail locations and via our Etsy Store.