Cannabis oil is sold by the bottle, usually 40mL, by Canadian medical cannabis producers. Turning cannabis oil in cannabis capsules is a quick and simple process, it’s easy!

If you do not know how to make high-quality cannabis oil and would like to learn how to make it yourself, I’ve put together a guide, including calculating potency, here.

What you’re going to need to get started:

  • Cannabis Oil
  • Gelatin Capsules (Size 00)
  • The Capsule Machine
  • Syringe (20mL+)
  • Gloves (Nitrate)




If you don’t have something like the capsule machine, you can make due with a makeshift solution. Cereal boxes, pierced with a pen or a piece of wood with holes would provide the same basic function. Daily users may want to invest in a capsulation machine similar to The Capsule Machine. It was about $20 at my local herb friendly shop.

Once you have everything together, start by separating the two halves of capsules, top and bottom and place them inside the machine.

In the case of The Capsule Machine, the bottom or body of the capsule belongs in the main (deeper) section. The capsule top fits neatly inside the lid (smaller) section.

You’ll need 24 capsules per batch.

Be sure to use gloves, for cleanliness and because the capsules will dissolve in water.



If your hands are not completely dry, you could end up with cannabis capsule soup.

I am using size 00 capsules, but other sizes will work the same way. 00 Capsules will hold 0.8mL, so if you had calculated potency per mL, i.e. 25mg CBD/mL * 80% = 20mg CBD/cap.

Once you have your capsules ready, get your syringe. You could use an eye dropper, or even a turkey baster instead, as long as it’s clean. I’ve found using a syringe size of 20mL or more is easier, as each batch needs just under 20mL. In this example, I had a 50mL and it was a bit too big, even for my hands. Syringes of this size were easiest for me to find at my local hydroponics store, in the nutrient section.

Fill your syringe, with oil and start filling the bottoms until you reach the top. If you wanted, you could fill capsules with less than 0.8mL.

Take your time with this step, it can get messy fast. If your hand isn’t as steady as you’d like it to be, rest it on something stable to help. Be careful not to push down too quickly or you risk making a mess. Don’t worry too much if you overfill a few, you can clean up using a few cotton swabs, as I’ve done here. Keep in mind the less messy you are, the less medicine is wasted.

Once you have all twenty-four capsules filled, it’s time to join the capsule halves together.

Start by fitting the two sections together, top inside bottom, and press.

The capsules will lock together when pressed. Once pressed, you should hear a click and pop.


Separate the two halves, all capsules should be sealed and intact. You can tug on the halves slightly if you need to be sure. If some caps were crushed and you have oil on the machine, don’t fret. Grab some more cotton swabs to soak up the excess oil.



Make sure you store your cannabis gel capsules the same way you would store your cannabis oil: in a cool dark place, preferably in a glass container. Small mason jars work well.

Capsules can be fragile, and if one or two happen to leak while in storage, that’s okay too. Empty the remaining pills onto some paper towel and press gently while softly rolling the pills back and forth. Once the oil has been absorbed, return your caps to a clean container.

That’s it! That’s all there is to making capsules with cannabis oil. Thank you for reading this guide. Octavian Labs is comitted to providing cannabis education and guides for the modern cannabis consumer. Please follow us on Twitter @OctavianLabs and leave a comment below.

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